That is utterly insane. That is pure theft. …

Comment on Daylight Robbery: £1,394 Balmain tank top by Sophie.

That is utterly insane. That is pure theft.

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Girl Meets Dress – designer dresses you can rent
I agree with the above statements, but I also think it’s a great idea, so long as you’re careful!

Dress of the Day: Oasis vintage shift dress
What an adorable dress!

A note to Paris Hilton
That should be illegal. So trashy.

The Harem Hall of Shame: where harem pants go when they get arrested by The Fashion Police
They just look like diaper pants, you couldn’t pay me enough to wear those in public.

Strange Shoes: Rick Owens fold over buckle boots
I don’t know, they just don’t look right to me.

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