This is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen. i …

Comment on Daylight Robbery: £1,394 Balmain tank top by Sophia.

this is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen. i basically bought the same thing from Target for like $10.
thats, what, like $1990 cheaper.

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Do my ankles look big in these? Repetto/Karl Lagerfeld leather sandals
they kinda remind me of darth vader lol

Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Akris Punto pleated silk dress
this dress is SO pretty but OHMYGOD that model is skinny. i thought i’d seen toothpick arms before but that’s nothing compared to this…

The Harem Hall of Shame: where harem pants go when they get arrested by The Fashion Police
i knew someone who wore this to a ballet class… it didn’t look that bad while she was dancing but in my opinion there is NO other excuse to wear harem pants.

Michelle Obama wears Isabel Toledo dress and coat for inauguration
dissappointed 🙁
i hate the fit and the color makes her look like moldy celery lol

Bad Bathing Suits: White lace-up one-piece
i dont think this is one of those bathing suits to swim in, i think it’s just one to go on the beach and suntan and pick up a couple numbers 😉
but the suntan lines would be ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL
and it would make everyone who wasn’t a model look really chunky and thick

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