Daylight Robbery: £1,394 Balmain tank top


This is a grey tank top. As you can see, it has a bit of a pattern on the front, but nothing terribly exciting, and it’s made from linen, not, say, the hair of angels.

It is £1,394. Which is just under $2000, if that makes more sense to you.

What must it be like to have that much money, we wonder? So much money that even your tank tops cost $2000?

Or, to put it another way, what must it be like to go through life believing that just because a plain (and actually, slightly boring) old linen tank top is worth spending $2,000 on, just because it has a “Balmain” label on the inside?

We have no idea, but we’re arresting this for Daylight Robbery. It was caught in the act by Officer Alupei, and if you want to get it out on bail, you can find it at NET-A-PORTER .

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