What kind of shoes are these? (Clue: BALLET FLATS)


Say, what do you call those shoes, again? You know: the ones that look a bit like ballet slippers? And are flat? God, it’s right on the tip of our tongues… if only clothes came with a handy visual clue to remind us what the hell they actually are!

Well, these ones from Creatures of Comfort do, and while we wouldn’t call them a Crime of Fashion, exactly, we are wondering  how it would be if all clothing designers labelled their clothes in such a way. On the one hand, we think it would be really handy if all Ugly Prom Dresses had a great big label on the ass (Would it stop people wearing them, though? We fear not. If those hideous dangling ruffles don’t stop them, nothing will…) and harem pants were labelled "kick me", but do we really need our ballet flats, pumps and peep toes to have their names stamped on them? You tell us… 

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