Balenciaga’s pleated metal jacket: for the well-dressed ‘droid


So far 2009 has been very much the year of the ‘It’ jacket (See: Balmain’s military style denim jacket for evidence of this). This Balenciaga effort, however, is not so much of an ‘It’ jacket, as as ‘What is it?” jacket. Mousy, for instance, who reported it to us, thought it was perhaps the discarded shell of CP3O from Star Wars. And if it is, The Fashion Police will have to take this incident very seriously, of course, and ask: HOW DID IT HAPPEN? Who killed C3PO?

We may never know. What we DO know, however, is that we’ll never find out what it looks like on,¬†because it’s ¬£3,260. What do you think of, though? Do you like this futuristic style?

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