Baggy Trousers: Alexander Wang’s pleated pants at Shopbop, with matching baggy jacket


Pleated pants. They’re just all kinds of wrong, aren’t they? And, you know, we get the whole "slouchy, man-style trousers" thing, we really do. But when the trousers are low of crotch and short of length, like these ones? We have to call "Fashion Crime".

The thing is, this kind of length is really hard to wear. In fact, we’d argue that it really only works with narrow legs, because if you try to go short and wide, you tend to either end up with weirdly truncated legs, or look like you’re wearing someone else’s pants. Someone else who is a good few inches shorter than you.

All of that said, though, we have to give credit to Alexander Wang for coming up with the one thing that would make these trousers of his even more comical than they were to start with. It’s this red jacket. Um, Mr Wang? Crystal Carrington called. She’d like her jacket back, please. She says you can keep the pants, though…

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