Bag Lady Chic: Bag top by Lanvin

Lanvin silk halterneck topYou could be forgiven for thinking that this is a drawstring bag.  We thought it was a bag when we first saw it.  But we promise you that this is, in fact, a halterneck top.  Pretending to be a drawstring bag.  (No, it’s not really, it’s just doing a jolly good impression of a drawstring bag.)  If you visit the Matches website you will see it being worn.  And on a mannequin?  It still looks like a drawstring bag if we’re honest.

What do you think though?  Can you forgive the bag imposter tendencies because of that lovely bright yellow, which we actually quite like?  Or does it just look like a bag to you too?  If you want to buy it, and you have £620 to spend on a bag top, it’s by Lanvin and you can find it here.

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