Five Bad Taste Halloween costumes

We WERE going to call this post “The Worst Halloween Costumes EVER”, but let’s face it: no matter what we can drum up in a quick Internet search, there’ll be someone out there who can come up with far, far worse. Halloween brings out the best, most creative sides of some people… and the tackiest, most juvenile sides of others. This post focuses on some of the latter costumes, and rather than calling it the worst Halloween costumes EVER, let’s just call it the worst we’ve found SO FAR. For instance, how would you like to walk around dressed as…

inflatable penis Halloween costume

a giant, inflatable penis? No? Really? You’re sure we can’t tempt you? OK, how about what the manufacturer charmingly refers to as a “fat stripper” costume:

fat stripper halloween costumes

Let’s not even talk about the “Zombie Jimmy Saville” costume which Amazon were forced to withdraw after complaints from the public, but which we’re sure someone will have no problem DIY-ing for themselves. One costume we hope NO ONE tries to DIY, meanwhile, is the Longuini & Meatball costume:

worst halloween costumes


For those in the “periods make great clothing!” camp, meanwhile, there’s always this tampon costume:

tampon costume

It could be worse. In fact, oh yeah, it IS:

sanitary towel halloween costume

(This site actually has an entire section devoted to “Bad Taste” costumes: presumably there are a lot of people out there who like to go for the shock factor.)

Found something worse to wear this Halloween? We’d love to see it! Well, you know, we probably WOULDN’T. But drop us a comment anyway, so we can arrest it if necessary…

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