Daylight Robbery: Azzedine Alaia wide studded belt

Alai_belt So, tell us folks: how much would you generally spend on a belt?

How about…oooh, let’s just pull a number out of then air, shall we? (Because we’re pretty sure that’s what Alaia did) How about £890 / $1,313? How does that strike you? Do we have a deal?

Don’t get us wrong: this is a pretty cool belt. We’d wear it, for sure. Assuming, of course, that we woke up in a parallel universe in which we were willing to spend almost £900 on a belt, that is. Which, just to clarify, we’re not.

Again: nice belt, Alaia. But does it ever seem to anyone else that designers sometimes just sometimes make up prices the way the rest of us choose numbers for our lottery tickets?

(If the price seems reasonable to you, by the way, you can buy it here).


  • August 21, 2008


    It is a rather nice belt. I have a nice black dress, sort of military style, and I wear a wide belt around the waist and this one would look rather good with it, I think. But bloody hell, I need that money to LIVE.

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  • August 21, 2008


    And what’s more, you can find relatively the same thing at a much lower cost. Maybe the details aren’t QUITE so precise, but on accessories? Please…save your money and hit up Top Shop. (Topshop? I dunno, I’m american, we don’t have Topshop here.)

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