When I was younger I used to occasionally visit a …

Comment on Frankenshoes: Azzedine Alaia open sandals with lace up front by Arielle.

When I was younger I used to occasionally visit a “goth” club. Those shoes would have been fantastic in such a setting and probably have drawn compliments.
But imagine wearing those with a sun dress. Or a business suit. Or any normal outfit.
One has to wonder just what variety of woman they might be catering to whose everyday outfits could be properly paired with these shoes…

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Someone beat me to the clydesdale comment. 😉

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Very pretty!

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Depends on the color and the item for me, too. If I liked the style of the item well enough I’d be okay with the gingham – I think.

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Cthulu-glove! That is awesome, I want one. Not at that price though, naturally…

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