Azumi & David’s “Muff”: for a suitably stylish Starbucks

azumi-and-david-muffNow that coffee is a fashion accessory (just ask the Olsen twins if you don’t believe us about that), there obviously has to be a way to make SOME people’s coffee more exclusive than others. Well, it just wouldn’t do to have MK & Ashley tottering around clutching the same old cardboard containers as the rest of us, would it?

Luckily, Azumi & David (you may remember them from such items as The Boot Bag Handbag¬†and Stick on Sunglasses. We think they’re awesome.) are ON IT. They’ve developed this “Muff” for your mug, which slides on over the cardboard, and allows you to feel like you’re better than other people. Or just allows you to bring fashion to even the most mundane of objects, if you prefer to view it that way.

The “Mug Muff”, as we like to think of it, costs $57.29 at Colette. What we want to know, though is: how come Louis Vuitton didn’t come up with this first? Or did they?


  • August 28, 2009


    I just know I would end up throwing the muff in the rubbish along with my empty cup…

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    • August 29, 2009

      Rock Hyrax

      Good point! At least that would take away the problem of carting it round in your handbag…

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