Yeah, the pants are nice. you guys have a beef …

Comment on Citizen’s Arrest: Aztec pants and Mohawk hat by ARMS.

yeah, the pants are nice. you guys have a beef with harem pants that i will never understand.. but the hat is a big NO.

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Gwyneth Paltrow is an exception to the peep toe boot rule
this is old, i know, but she actually pulls them off!

Harem Pants: Officially Still Ugly
i love harem pants when they are done right. so comfortable and stylist, can be causal or chic, yeah yeah blah blah blah. unfortunately, very few designers can do them correctly.. and come to mention it, even fewer people can even wear them correctly..

Sass & Bide make another attempt to get you to wear your PJs in public
I HATE PAJAMA PANTS/VARIATIONS OF PAJAMA PANTS IN PUBLIC GAAAAH. have some class people, only 80s/90s punks were allowed to have plaid legs.

Leggings Are Not Pants: a reminder
there are eyes on the butt.. and my dad has a pair of pajama pants with the same kind of pattern from the early 80s…

Clothes With Faces: ‘Sad Shorts’ by Alexander Wang
i would adore these without the cutouts. i understand what Wang was trying to do with the hemlines but he should have put the scissors down while he was ahead.

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