Even ASOS think these trousers are an awkward length: would you wear them?

ASOS awkward length trousers

ASOS awkward length trousers, £35

When these trousers first appeared on the ASOS website yesterday, the product description called them “awkward length trousers”: in fact, they’re still described that way in the Google search:



Since then, however, they’ve changed the description, and now simply describe them as “cropped trousers in tropical Hawaiian print”. Which is a little less… awkward. Well, we guess it doesn’t make great business sense to describe your own products as “awkward”, although there’s no doubt that this is a length many people would agree is, indeed, somewhat difficult to wear. Why? Well, it’s a length that hits right at the widest part of the calf, thus drawing the eye straight to it: if you have short legs already, they’ll look even shorter, and if you’re at all self-conscious about your calves, then having all eyes on them might not make you feel exactly comfortable.

Are these reasons not to wear this length, though? Not at all. It may be “awakward”, but it’s no less awkward than the midi skirt, which has been enjoying huge popularity for a while now, and we reckon the same basic “rules” of engagement apply. If you want to make a mid-calf skirt look less awkward, you make sure to wear something fitted on top (we recommend crop tops: not the type that show acres of belly, but the type which sit right on the waistband), and to avoid very clumpy, leg-shortening shoes. The same principles apply to the “awkward length” pant: it may require a bit more thought than you’d give to a regular length, but it’s by no means a lost cause.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to actually wear these awkward-length trousers that are currently “on trend” (or so the internet informs us) however. While the loose cut of these makes them very culotte-like, and suggests they might look more or less like a skirt when worn (which we like: all the style of a full skirt, without the worry of weather-related wardrobe malfunctions), the elasticated waist and floral print also suggests that they COULD look a little like harem pants. Which we DON’T like.

What do you think of awkward-length trousers? Crime of fashion, or gold star material?

(Oh, and while ASOS may have changed the product description on this one, they are still selling “awkward” pants in their Tall section, here!)

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