ASOS launch ASOS luxe – expensive clothes in luxury fabrics. (Some fugly things, too!)


Remember the days when ASOS sold mostly cheap dresses
that, to quote my mother, "you could spit peas through"? Gone are those days. Now ASOS are all, "Who, us? Cheap? No way – can we interest you in an £800 Chloe handbag, mebbe?" OK, so they still are cheap a lot of the time, but they have been working hard to drag themselves up in the world by the scruff of their tunic dresses, and the result is ASOS Luxe – a limited edition collection of  clothes, shoes and accessories in luxury fabrics. Some of the dresses are really quite nice, but wait, what’s this I see? Shoes that wrap way the hell up your leg? Oh lordy, no. We appreciate the thought, ASOS, but I’m not sure we can get on board with that one. What do you think, oh enforcers of fashion?


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