Coat Corner: ASOS extreme funnel neck jacket


This isn’t a great picture of this jacket, so if you’re not convinced by its loveliness, you should visit the ASOS site and click the “view catwalk” button to see it in its true glory. Of course, you may still not be convinced by it even once you’ve done that, but as far as we’re concerned, this is the affordable version of the big collar trend we’ve been waiting for, and the fact that it’s in our favourite colour, green, just makes it all the more appealing to us. If you’re not keen on green, it’s also available in black and white, and is £60 from ASOS.

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  • September 13, 2008


    I like the overall look and shape of the coat, but I can’t quite get past the asymmetrical collar. I’m just not okay with having one giant flap of collar and one rather large flap of collar.

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