Style Trial: ASOS Dip Dye Fringe Dress

ASOS fringe dress

ASOS dip-dye fringe dress, £45

Well, it’s certainly different and it’s definitely dramatic, we have to give it that.

Is it “different” and “dramatic” in a good way, though, or in an “OMG, call The Fashion Police!” kinda way? That, Fashion Force, is the question before you today.

Under normal circumstances, we’d have looked at the words “dip-dye” and “fringe” in the product description of this dress, and have instantly assumed it was a crime of fashion. We’ve never met a dip-dye item we didn’t dislike, you see, and we’re not too keen on fringes, either… especially not when they appear to be growing out of the model’s back.

Still, there’s no denying that this kind of look is popular right now. We’ve been noticing an influx of fringed items for quite some time, and although it’s probably never going to be OUR favourite thing in the world, that doesn’t mean it won’t be someone else’s, which is why we’re putting it up on Style Trial.

Before you cast judgement on this dress, however, we urge to to head over to the ASOS website and view the video they helpfully provide of it in action, as it were. It’s not quite as dramatic as it looks in the image at the top of the page (So if you want that effect from it, you’ll have to walk around with your hands in the air. You know, like you just don’t care?), but it does float along behind the model as she walks, making her look like some kind of be-fringed style superhero. Dip-Dye Girl, perhaps. Tasselwoman? We’ll let you decide.

We’ll also let you decide whether or not this constitutes a crime of fashion. Do you love it, hate it… or fall somewhere in between? Tell us in the comments!

ASOS mini dress with tassel back

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