ASOS balloon shaped skirt: model hides her face in shame

ASOS balloon shape jersey maxi skirtIs this the most unflattering skirt you’ve ever seen?  What about now, fully ‘inflated’?

ASOS balloon shape jersey maxi skirt zoomThe poor model has resorted to hiding behind her oversize sunglasses in a bid to hide her identity.  And don’t even get us started on the sandals the poor girls has been forced to wear with the skirt.

Perhaps the only redeeming feature about this is the price.  It’s just £30 so the fashion victims out there can wear it once, be ridiculed by their friends, and not worry about the cost when they never wear it again.  Although, as they’re fashion victims, they won’t care about the cost.

What do you think though?  Is this a must have for spring or is it as ridiculous as we believe it to be?  You can buy it at ASOS.

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