ASOS Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

ASOS Autumn Winter 2013 collection

A few things jump out at us about the ASOS Autumn/Winter 2-13 collection:

1. Leather. Lots of it. Mostly on skirts and dresses, but there’s plenty of other leather to be found, too. We’re loving some of the dresses, and we particularly like the full leather skirt: a great way to put a modern spin on a classic item.

2. Wet-look fabrics. High shine, high impact… high likelihood of getting you arrested for committing crimes of fashion? We’ll see.

3.Grunge-inspired plaid. Every single year. Every. Single. Year.

4. Orange. We’d make a lame “orange ya glad” joke here, but we just bet ya ain’t – glad, that is. Well, it’s a tough colour to wear for many of us, but if you can make it work, it can have a whole lot of impact, so it really just depends on whether or not you can pull it off: or THINK you can.


patterned jumpsuit

We’ve been staring at this for a very long time now, and we’re still no closer to being able to imagine anyone looking good in it, but if you think you can prove us wrong, go for it.

Some of these items are actually starting to filter onto the ASOS website already (Damn those retailers and their eagerness to put an end to summer and get us all into our winter duds ASAP!), while the rest will be available at some point in the coming weeks. Now that you know what you’re going to be dealing with from ASOS this winter, however, we need to know how you feel about this collection. Are you excited to wear any of this, or do you think it should all proceed directly to Fashion Police jail, without passing ‘Go’ or collection $200? Tell us in the comments sections – but take a look at this first:

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