Ask the Fashion Police – reader participation edition! What to wear to ballet class?

Hey Fashion Police,

I have a quick question. I’m a ballet dancer (pointe) and I
often go to dance class feeling mismatched and frumpy! What can I wear to look
good and be free to dance in?


I’ve often thought that if I was a ballet dancer, I’d wear lots of little pale pink wrap sweaters with black leotards, or maybe a soft, wide neck knit, a bit like this one by Harmonie (let’s not even ask why I had that site bookmarked). The problem is, though, that I’m not a ballet dancer, even though I very much wish I was, and I? Am totally jealous of you, because I always wanted to wear pointe shoes and be all graceful.

But no, I’m just a clumsy ol’ blogger, so while I can give you very general advice, like choosing a couple of basic colours – black and pink, say – and buying everything in those colours, so that no matter what you throw on, you’re co-ordinated) I’m thinking that your question really deserves to be answered by someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about, and who knows what kind of clothes are and aren’t acceptable for ballet class.

So, I’m turning this one over to our lovely readers, who know far more than me, anyway. Any ballerinas out there? What do you wear to class? What would you recommend? Help Michelle!

Got a question for The Fashion Police? Ask away – they will try and do better than they did with this one.


  • September 26, 2007

    Venetia Hasenian

    Ive been a ballerina for 23 years. One word, Simple. Tight but not too tight.If you wish to wear a sweater it must be a light cling one because if it loose or heavy it will way you down and it must never be knit, sorry amber, because knits are often heavy and dont allow you to move. Leotards are your best friend and now they have nice colorful ones with lace finishings and small details that make you look a little less plain but still lets you move. Tights are great because they make and plain black leotard look a liitle more intereting.

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  • September 27, 2007


    Hi Michelle,
    I’ve been a dancer for a fair while too but I have to say that I hate wearing leotards over tights. Waay to 1985 for me. I think my favourite would be wearing a capped sleeved, scooped neck black leotard UNDER black lycra yoga pants. Yoga pants are still tight enough to dance in, but loose enough to be comfy.
    The traditional ballet wrap sweaters are cute, but maybe try an unexpected colour.
    Eg: a leotard like this:
    With a pant like this:
    And a wrap cardi like this:

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  • September 28, 2007


    My sister is a dancer, and if you do happen to be in a 1980’s mood, and you are cold, there are knit leg warmers out there that are really long, long enough to cover almost all the leg, and they stay on quite well. They might sound funny, but they are really cute on her!

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  • August 6, 2008


    Hi! I’ve been dancing ballet for 16 years till now, and I’ve seen different ballet companies and the way their dancers dress. I think that basic tights and leotards should be a must, in order to preserve the essence of the classical ballet class.
    Warmers like knits can be added if desired, like boyleg shorts, leg warmers and shrugs, which can be cute too. Full-body knitted warmers (like a jumper with pants) can be comfortable.
    Accessorize with a headband, at the same time to keep your hair from falling to your face.
    Dance belts can be used to hold warmers up or just simply to accessorize a plain leotard.
    Try to keep your outfit monochromatic, or mix up to two solid (not neon) colors only. Funky colors, when mixed, will make you look like you’re in an aerobics class.
    Just remember that you should always be comfortable especially when dancing. Try looking at too for more accessories and leotard styles with cool back details. Hope that helps!

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