Ask the Fashion Police – reader participation edition! What to wear to ballet class?

Hey Fashion Police,

I have a quick question. I’m a ballet dancer (pointe) and I
often go to dance class feeling mismatched and frumpy! What can I wear to look
good and be free to dance in?


I’ve often thought that if I was a ballet dancer, I’d wear lots of little pale pink wrap sweaters with black leotards, or maybe a soft, wide neck knit, a bit like this one by Harmonie (let’s not even ask why I had that site bookmarked). The problem is, though, that I’m not a ballet dancer, even though I very much wish I was, and I? Am totally jealous of you, because I always wanted to wear pointe shoes and be all graceful.

But no, I’m just a clumsy ol’ blogger, so while I can give you very general advice, like choosing a couple of basic colours – black and pink, say – and buying everything in those colours, so that no matter what you throw on, you’re co-ordinated) I’m thinking that your question really deserves to be answered by someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about, and who knows what kind of clothes are and aren’t acceptable for ballet class.

So, I’m turning this one over to our lovely readers, who know far more than me, anyway. Any ballerinas out there? What do you wear to class? What would you recommend? Help Michelle!

Got a question for The Fashion Police? Ask away – they will try and do better than they did with this one.

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