Ash’s ‘Tasha’ shirred wedge boots come complete with ankle purse

Winter_boots Cold weather boots. There’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that some designers use them as an excuse to unleash all the fug they’ve secretly been wanting to foist on us all year. It’s as if they begin with the premise that warm boots cannot possibly be attractive, so what the hell, they may as well just make them as ugly as all get out. After all, people buy Uggs, don’t they?

Well, yes. Yes, they do. But we think the "ugly winter boot" trend should end right there. We believe it should be possible for a boot to be warm and stylish, and a good start would be to resist the impulse to mate wedge sneakers with sleeping bags, and then add an ankle purse for good measure.

Seriously, an ankle purse. WHY? And yes, we know Karl Lagerfeld started this, but Karl Lagerfeld isn’t always the best role model, you know? If Uncle Karl jumped in the fire, would you jump too, Ash? Would you?

If, of course, your eyes lit up at the sight of these boots and you’re only reading this to find out where you can buy them, wonder no more – they’re $180 at Shopbop.

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