Armand Basi and the alarming tulip skirt


  We're happy to admit we're partial to tulip skirts, and we're not even averse to clothes with slightly exaggerated hips, which can cut a nicely dramatic silhouette and be something of a blessing to those of us born without hips of our own.

We think Armand Basi has taken it too far with this one, though. This is clearly a "one size fits all", and by that we mean "all at the same time". We reckon we'd easily fit our whole family under those hips, which would be handy if it started to rain, we guess, but could also get us into trouble with store security guards, who will suspect us of smuggling out stock underneath our skirts.

Because the words, "Excuse me madam, but can I see what you have under your skirt there?" are words we just don't ever want to hear from strangers, we'd have to pass on this, then. Especially given that it costs £355. If you think this is just a bad angle, and it will surely look better worn with other clothes, meanwhile, we'd urge you to take a look under the jump for proof to the contrary…


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