Are Kickers making a comeback?

Kickers It was the 1990s. The Fashion Police were but schoolgirls, innocent of the life of fashion-crime-fighting that lay before them. All that was to change, though, because into the young Fashion Police officer’s lives came Kickers.

Kickers were – and are – the kind of shoes that you’d generally only ever wear if there was some inescapable, practical purpose, like you had to climb a mountain or something and there was no way to get out of it. They came in a few different colours, and at The Fashion Police Academy, red was the most popular of all. No, we have no idea why either.

This year, however, The Fashion Police have noted with fear in their hearts that the Kickers have started to pop up again – most recently at Office, where they’re currently selling for £30 (or they were at the time of writing). Will this catch on, we wonder? Well, the 80s have had their comeback? Is it time for the 90s to have theirs? (Chloe Sevigny says, "HELL YEAH!)

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