Arden Wohl: Who is she, and why is she dressed like this?

Ardenwohl Before y’all start yelling at me to DO SOME HOMEWORK!, I did spend a few freaky minutes on Google looking up Arden Wohl, but the truth is that I got so distracted by the pictures that all I managed to glean from the experience is that she’s some sort of socialite with pretensions to film-making, who likes to dress… interestingly.

I may, of course, be wrong about this, for five minutes does not "research" make, but none of this has any bearing on my real question, which is: WHY? Why is she dressed like this? Is she going to a party at which she’ll be expected to teach people how to do the two-step by lying on the ground and allowing them to tramp all over her legs? Did she cut up a Playstation dance mat to make those leggings? And if so, we come back to the same old question: WHY?

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