Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman buy Antonio Berardi’s heelless shoes, Fashion Police decide not to bother


Victoria Beckham and Uma Thurman are apparently among the first to place orders for a pair of these Antonio Berardi heelless shoes (because shoes with no heels are all the rage right now, didn’t you know?) Will the rest of the world follow suit, though, we wonder?

Well, we’d have to walk a mile in ’em to know for sure how comfortable they are, and there does look to be some degree of arch support, to be sure, but when even the designer himself admits that " “When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe," we’re going to assume that there probably won’t be a mad rush on these, because most women we know just won’t like the idea of essentially walking around on their tiptoes all day. Because that’s gotta hurt.

Like them?

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