Style on Trial: Antipodium Don’t Sleeve Me Skirt


These are tough financial times, folks. In fact, the economic situation is getting so dire we feel there’ll soon be no choice but to start tying a couple of shirts around our waists and calling them a “skirt”, in a bid to beat the credit crunch.

Or, of course, we could just forget that, and spend $320 on two shirts that have ALREADY been tied together to create a skirt. It won’t get you quite as many brownie points from the Frugal Fairies, of course, but it’ll save you getting the sewing machine out.

Then again, you COULD just save your money altogether, and not bother with the whole “shirts-as-skirt” scenario. Unless you like this look of course? Do you? And if so, do you like it enough to spend the $320 on it (you can buy it here, if so), or would you rather just steal the shirts from yr boyfriend and DIY?

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