See how enormously long the legs look? – I mean …

Comment on Another contender for the Most Unflattering Jeans in the World Award by Rock Hyrax.

See how enormously long the legs look? – I mean it almost looks like the model is wearing stilts. And don’t the shoes look familiar? So here is the woman with unfeasibly long legs modelling the jeans she was booked in for, rather than those white flares from yesterday. Have I solved the case?

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Rogue’s Gallery: Holey clothes
I think the leggings would look alright over a pair of tights (e.g. fishnet), and worn with boots and a skirt or dress. But not that one with the holes in – would look too coordinated and instantly become pretty sad!

Daylight Robbery: Balenciaga’s £500 furry mittens
If I was Mousy I’d provide an illustration on how they resemble Dougal from the Magic Roundabout…

Nipple tassle t-shirt. For children. Seriously.
Looking at the site, seems like it’s aimed at parents who want to show other parents how ironic and amusing they can be. (See the child-unfriendly alphabet section for further examples.)
Not having to mix with people like that is another reason to be glad to be child-free! 😉

Style On Trial: Jason Wu collarless feather coat
Looks more like a feather skirt *stuck to* a blouse. (So you can add that to the list of charges.)

Wadrobe Malfunction: Naomi ‘No Pants’ Campbell
And to continue with the medical theme, has anyone else noticed how she’s got a little pelvis and spine motif on her dress?

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