Coat Corner: ‘Annabelle’ wool coat from Forever 21

Anabelle_coat Because winter coats tend to be so pricey, most of us tend to stick to one per year at the very most.

If the next coat to catch your eye happens to be this ‘Annabelle’ coat from Forever 21, however, you may just be able to persuade yourself to splurge on another, because this is only $39.80.

Of course, we can’t tell from the picture just how much quality or warmth you’ll be buying for that price, but we’re loving the white trim on black wool, and, of course, the little bows on the pockets. As Forever 21 say, it’s a very ladylike look, which would look great livened up with a pair of brightly coloured tights.

Did we mention it’s only $39.80?

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