Anna Friel Looks Fab at the Instyle Luncheon


certainly could have been doing with a quick trip to the ladies to powder her nose at yesterday’s InStyle Luncheon (as Dollface points out), but when she’s looking as fabulous as this, it’s easy to forgive her.

We reckon Anna is under-rated as a style icon. The huge ruffle collar of the blouse, teamed with the classic pencil skirt and red accents from the shoes, lips and belt make her look like a Hollywood starlet from the black and white days, and the makeup is perfectly matched to the overall look. Bravo, Anna, have a Fashion Police badge for good behaviour!

Anna Friel


  • January 12, 2008

    maria luisa

    Though the pencil skirt and the shoes ARE nice, I’ve always found ruffle collars inevitably clownish, match that with the red lipstick and, uh well… It’s just not a good match

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  • January 18, 2008


    I like it, but her face looks greasy. And her facial expression is just kind of scaring me.

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