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Style on Trial: Ankle socks with heels

Ankle_socksAnkle socks with high heels. It’s one of those looks that we seem to see all the time in fashion editorials but have yet to witness in Real Life – although the fact that Fashion Police HQ is located in The Land That Fashion Forgot may have something to do with this.

What does everyone think of this look? We’ll be the first to put our hands up and admit we wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole, and before you all start with the “that’s because you’re old” comments, let us just say that:

a) yes, we are

b) but we don’t really like this look on younger people, either

What about you? Do you wear ankle socks with heels? Would you? Tell us!

(The socks and shoes in the image, by the way, are from ASOS)

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