Ankle length flares: all kinds of wrong


We talked about the current trend for ankle length trousers last month and your reactions were mixed, with some of you loving them and some of you expressing the opinion that they just make you look like you’ve outgrown your pants. We ourselves actually quite like the look, but having just discovered the picture above on the Acne Jeans website, we feel we must qualify that statement with one small, but vitally important point: the jeans/pants in question must be straight cut. Absolutely no exceptions. Because ankle-length flares? Are just wrong. SO wrong. So very, very wrong.

Even being generous and assuming that these jeans are actually supposed to hit below the ankle, and the model who turned up for the shoot just happened to be a giantess, this is still a worrying development in the world of fashion, and one that The Fashion Police take very seriously indeed.

"The flare should lay on the shoe," states the Acne website. Acne? We think it’s time to sack the stylist…

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