Angeline Tournier Beano cartoon wedges: what do you think?

We’re not sure which category these shoes fall into: Crime of Fashion, Daylight Robbery, or Dressing Like a Toddler.

Do you really want to walk around with excerpts from the Beano on your feet (namely Dennis The Menace)?  Do you?  Worryingly these shoes are available in five different  colours, some with studs, some without.  We think the combination of the sling back, wide-ish straps and buckle fastening makes the top part look a little like an orthopaedic sandal too.  An orthopaedic sandal with a comic strip wedge attached is certainly an interesting combination.

To add insult to injury, they are £170.  And that’s before VAT is added.  Sorry Angeline Tournier, but we think that classifies them as Daylight Robbery.

Do you agree though?  Would you wear these?  If you would, the Angeline Tournier Beano cartoon wedge can be bought here.


  • March 30, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    I’d have loved these when I was a child.

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  • March 30, 2010


    I don’t like these. At first I thought, with a cork wedge, they’d be fine. But now? No. With or without the slightly alarmingly childish comic strip at the bottom.
    But I’ve found some more examples of comic shoes:
    I think 1 looks too much Amy Winehouse style for my liking. Maybe without the stilleto?
    2 is better, but I’m still not convinced.
    I like 3, but wish the background was black rather than brown.
    I don’t like the pointy-ness of 4 and the ‘cartoon’ isn’t very cartoony either.

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  • March 30, 2010


    Maybe she should have used a sexier comic. but in fact i take issue with the sheer fuglyness of the shoe itself rather than the hee hee heel…(Get it hee hee hee, like comic laughter. ok my bad.)

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  • April 23, 2010

    Hoiky McDoyle

    Well, I would certainly wear comics on my feet, especially the King of Comics himself, but this shoe in general is very un-sexy. The heel is too low for a platform that high, and as someone else mentioned, the upper is reminiscent of an old biddy’s orthopaedic clog. One who hooks.

    Gawd, I do love the heel though, balls to childishness – Love it love it love it.

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  • August 17, 2010


    Cutely quirky if the wedge was a PROPER WEDGE. If the upper sloped a bit more (know what I mean?) it would be nice!

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