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The Sun slates Angelina Jolie’s style, uses Photoshop to dress her up as Posh, Paris and S.J.P.


Those of you who don’t live in the UK may not be familiar with our Sun newspaper. You should be glad about this. Take today, for instance. Today, The Sun has decided that it hates Angelina Jolie’s dress sense. "Black, bland and boring, Angelina’s style is the Pitts," says The Sun, punning away like there’s no tomorrow. And what do you do when someone’s style is "the Pitts"? Why, you use our old friend Photoshop to stick their head on other people’s bodies to see what they’d look like if they’d only change their clothes. Because you can totally get an accurate impression how someone would look in a certain outfit by sticking their head onto someone someone else’s body…not.

Anyway, for your afternoon edification, here’s Angelina all dressed up as Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker (and looking freakishly like an Olsen twin in that last one, methinks). Should you wish to also see Ange dressed as Kelly Brooke, J.Lo, Britney and Dita Von Teese, go and take a look at the original article. When you come back, though, don’t forget to tell us what you think: does Angelina really need a style makeover?

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