Style on Trial: Andrea Riseborough in a shress at the W.E premiere

Andrea Riseborough in a sheer dress

Andrea Riseborough, who stars as Wallis Simpson in Madonna’s W.E, is feeling shressed. Sorry, there was apparently just no way we could avoid making that particular pun. At least we got it out of our system, though.

Andrea may not be feeling shressed, then, but she is certainly all shressed up for the NYC premiere of the film, wearing a dress with a sheet skirt, dramatic crumb-catcher front, and strange frilly bit at the front. Yes, that is a technical term.

Now, look, you don’t need us to tell you what we think about shresses for the eleventy-first time. Suffice it to say that every time one appears on the red carpet, an alarm goes off at the Fashion Police HQ, and our officers slide down a pole, like firemen, and get into the, er, FashMobile, to track them down. OK, not really. It would be cool, though, so please always imagine us doing that every time you see a shress on the red carpet.

Back to Andrea: we will probably never be fans of sheer dresses, but it looks like the celebrities of the world are going to continue wearing them, for the forseeable future at least, so let’s hear your verdicts on this one: innocent or guilty?


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