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Andrea Crews harem pants make sure all eyes are on your crotch

andrea-crew-harem-pantsSometimes it can be hard to make sure your outfit really emphasises your crotch to the absolute maximum, can’t it? We know Lady Gaga and Katie Price will empathise with this problem, although we’re not sure either of them will appreciate this particular solution to it, which involves placing writing on the crotch of your pants, and then turning it upside down, so people have to stare even harder to try and work out what it says.

And what does it say? Well, something “is the future”, apparently. We’re not sure what, though, and we’ve spent more time looking at this crotch than we really want to, so we’re going to leave it up to you to fill in the blanks, readers? Fashion crime is the future? Filling your diaper in the name of fashion is the future? WHAT?

Andrea Crews harem pants, £164.96, Colette

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