Style Stealer: Amy Winehouse’s Terry de Havilland painted mule


Some might call these Terry de Havilland shoes a crime of fashion. In fact, let’s make no bones about it: some might say that almost everything Amy Winehouse wears is a crime of fashion. And, you know, if we wanted to be really mean, we could even suggest that Amy herself is a crime of fashion, with that big ol’ birds nest hairdo and that scary, skeletal body. But we’re not going to say any of that, because we can sort of see where Amy was going with these.  We can sort of see that , if  we  were "rock stars" , like Amy, and we were  looking for an unusual pair of shoes to wear with our little denim shorts and vest top – ones that would balance out our "Marge Simpson on speed" hairdo, we just might think these would work. And you know what? They just might.

Or actually… Maybe not. And if we weren’t Amy Winehouse, why, we might just look crazy in them. You decide. And if you decide that you like them, be prepared to fork out $290 to ASOS for the pleasure of owning them.

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