Wardrobe Malfunction: Amy Winehouse’s builder’s butt


We haven’t been paying much attention to Amy Winehouse and her many wardrobe malfunctions lately, for the simple reason that we reckon The Fashion Police are the least of Amy’s worries around about now. But even with the best will in the world, we just can’t ignore displays like this one, which, let’s face it, just aren’t the kind of thing we’d expect from a well-bred young lady, aren’t they?

Amy, we’ve been turning a blind eye to your wardrobe malfunctions lately, but we’re starting to think you’re taking advantage of our leniency. And while we’re pleased to see that you’ve ditched the ol’ visible thong, its absence is raising uncomfortable questions about just what the hell you’re wearing underneath those jeans, and that’s not a question we’d like to dwell on, quite frankly.

Remember, The Fashion Police are always watching: and we still have our eyes on those ballet slippers

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  • March 24, 2008


    hahahaha I do love her but seriously this pictures do NOT make her justice…

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