Amy Childs and Tricia Penrose in “Same Dress” horror

Amy Childs and Tricia Penrose in the same dress

We don’t know what’s most horrifying about this crime scene: the fact that Amy Childs (left) and Tricia Penrose (right) both turned up to the same event in the same dress, or the fact that they both chose such a mortifyingly unflattering dress to begin with. Seriously: who’d have imagined there would be two people in the world willing to subject themselves to the boob underhang and general ugly prom dress-ness of this item?

It’s not often that The Fashion Police catch TWO criminals in the act at the same time, so we have to suspect some kind of animal print crime ring here. There may be more of them out there. We’re afraid.

As for Amy and Tricia, after a short debate between their “people”, Amy eventually went home to change her dress. We’d say the crisis was averted at that point, but really, the damage was done by then, wasn’t it? This crisis could only really be averted if we were to somehow turn back time and prevent either of them wearing the dress in the first place.

For some reason, our photo agency only had one photo of Tricia, so we’ve thoughtfully provided two more of Amy Childs in the gallery below, so you can see the dress in all its, er, glory. You’re welcome.

P.S. If you’re not from the UK, you’re probably wondering who Amy Childs and Tricia Penrose even are. Suffice to say that they’re TV “stars”. But that’s not important right now: what matters here is that we all join forces to make sure something like this never, ever happens again…


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