American Apparel joins the harem pant movement

American-apparel-harem-pantWe'd always known there was a chance American Apparel would decide to jump on board the harem pant train, so when Fashion Police reader Rachel emailed us to inform us the sad event had, indeed, taken place, we weren't really surprised.

That didn't stop us being horrified to see what AA came up with, though.  And while we're glad this model isn't flashing any of the more intimate parts of her body at us (you never really know with the American Apparel website, do you?) we don't think she looks exactly thrilled to be wearing these, either.

It just goes to show: you think you're prepared for something, but it still comes as a shock when it happens…

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  • May 29, 2009


    I actually like harem pants, but high-waisted harem pants? Very unflattering. 🙁

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