The degrading labels used in this comment is exactly the …

Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by raur.

The degrading labels used in this comment is exactly the reason why women stress over their body image.

Where and how did you get the idea that 1.5m women in size 4 are “disgustingly thin”? I happen to be 1.5m and wear size 4. I can guarantee you I am most definitely NOT “disgustingly thin”. According to my nutritionist, I am at a correct body mass index and I’m quite active and healthy THANK YOU.

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“All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what?
To each their own really. Some women look really good waif-y, like keira knightley, tilda swinton, and kate moss even. What’s important is for the individual to find the right size that looks good on them. I’m 5′ 107lb, I am considered skinny to my north american friends, but to my asian peers here I’m considered fat. If I were to be a size 14, I would seriously look like the girl that turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka.

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I’ve actually made (lol, more like shred) a few shirts like these myself, and they’re quite easy to wash. Surprisingly, the ones i’ve made actually come out intact, but the threads do get tangled. I guess the tee-shirts I’ve used have sturdy threads… I just wash them in a mesh-bag.

$146?! I’d totally sell mine for $90!

Celebrity Style on Trial: Kristin Cavallari at the premiere of ‘Salt’
From what I’ve seen on the Hills (and tmz), I’ve decided that I don’t like her at all. Seeing her in this outfit makes me feel good knowing that it’s another fail. An embarrassing desperation for attention.

Red Carpet Casual: Katie Holmes in stripes at the premiere of “The Extra Man”
i think its a refreshing looking. the funny thing is, she probably had a stylist put that together for her. even her tousled hair is tailored to look disheveled.

Fashion Police Glossary: The Dress-Like-a-Toddler Trend
That look is actually quite popular in Japan. But them wacky Japanese kids can pull anything off! What looks alright on one person, won’t necessary translate to another. So, while I do think the above posted pics are ridiculous, I’ve also seen Japanese men and women wear adult one-sies and look good! Note, popular Japan street fashion brand mercibeaucoup, ( who even has multiple adult onesies in their a/w 2010 collection :]

Wear or Die: Terrible Trousers Edition
trouser A is like the most trendiest thing right now in Hong Kong. I am completely serious. EVERYONE wears them. they are the most hideous type of pants ever, but they’re seen on anyone and everyone. from boys to men, to housewives to teen girls. zomfg, what an eyesore. when i first moved here, it was a novelty seeing people wear them cause they’re so ridiculous. my bf and i took a few candid pics to show our friends back home.. but having lived here for a awhile, we had to delete all our pics cause frankly, we’re f’n sick of seeing them.

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