It’s just the daily mail trying to make a dramatic …

Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by Jess.

It’s just the daily mail trying to make a dramatic headline. If they’d been able to find a quote that said anything like that, they’d have put it in quotation marks.

I would like to see catwalk collections using models with a range of body types and designing different clothes to suit their different shapes. I think it could make a good show. Has this ever been done? I’ve heard of designers using only larger models, but never a variety like this. That said, I don’t think this should be imposed on designers by law or that it needs to be done in all shows. Supposedly the reason catwalk models are that shape is because the clothes hang better on them so it’d be interesting to see whether using lots of different body types in the same show would work as more than a one off gimmick.

Another thing that needs to be said is that curvy is not a synonym for overweight but it’s used as such all the time. You can be slim and curvy or overweight and not curvy. They’re not the same at all.

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