Hi Lynne! Thanks for the clarification – I’m relieved to …

Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by The Fashion Police.

Hi Lynne! Thanks for the clarification – I’m relieved to hear that one size isn’t being promoted above all others: lately there’s just been so much attention given to encouraging women to be “curvy” and “real” and it’s very frustrating for those of us who just aren’t built that way. Such a shame that the DM would manage to twist the message so thoroughly!

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“All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what?
Um, I have clothes in a size 4 (vanity sizing means that in some stores a 4 is what a 6 used to be), so I guess I’m “disgusting” to you, even although you don’t know me and have no idea how healthy or otherwise I am. Seriously, by making comments like that, you’re doing exactly what you’re complaining about – telling people what size they ought to be (and using highly offenisve language into the bargain: “fat pig” is a horrible thing to say, as is “disgustingly thin”) and standing in judgement over those who don’t measure up to your ideals.

“All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what?
Oh, don’t even get me started on “She needs to eat a sandwich!” Almost every day someone posts that exact comment on a celebrity photo here, and it always really dissapoints me: funnily enough, though, no one ever posts comments saying “She needs to lay off the sandwiches” or “she needs to hit the gym”, presumably because we all know those comments are rude and unnecessary, but somehow the “sandwich” ones are seen as completely reasonable! So annoying!

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And YOUR taste is just YOUR taste. Just because something is not ugly to you does not mean it’s not ugly. Do you see how that works? Or do you seriously think that you’re the only person in the world who is entitled to express an opinion on fashion? Because trying to bash someone just because they don’t share your taste seems pretty “infantile” to me.

Ask The Fashion Police: Should a 21-year-old wear Heelys?
I’m pretty sure William works for Heelys, so I wouldn’t take any of his many comments on the subject as “impartial” advice. I really hope Heelys aren’t spamming my website, because that would make them look incredibly unprofessional, I can’t really see why anyone would just randomly want to spend so much time trying to convince people to visit the Heelys website…

When two styles collide: ‘sexy’ meets sensible at Comme des Garçons
Oh dear… The word ‘sexy” is inverted commas. That means it’s being used ironically: the post makes the point that the dress is TRYING to look sexy, but is not, in fact, sexy. I guess I shouldn’t expect someone who appears to be barely literate to know that, though!

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It’s a shame that people can’t just have different tastes without making it personal, and getting judgemental about it, whether it be in the form of branding stiletto-wearers “pretentious” or saying that those who prefer other styles are OBVIOUSLY fat. Can’t it just be that we like different things? Do we REALLY have to make little digs or outright attack people just because they don’t like the same shoes as us? Because that’s pretty sad, if so: this is supposed to be a site where people discuss clothes, not a site where we call each other names just because we don’t happen to have the same taste.

Old Navy Denies Photoshopping Thigh Gaps Onto Plus Size Jeans
They’re supposed to be plus sized, yes: if you click the link to the site you’ll see they’re part of their “plus” range. Not sure where you’re seeing an implication of 37″ hips, but the smallest size has a 47″ hip according to the size chart – people are annoyed because they feel the image has been photoshopped to look smaller than that.

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