Oh well, the old discussion about beauty ideals… It’s as …

Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by Moni.

Oh well, the old discussion about beauty ideals… It’s as old as time, and this ideal has changed so many times nobody can keep count.
Of course I agree that it’s dangerous to promote extremes, and it surely is ridiculous to “force” all women to wear a certain size (be it 0, 14, or 25). On the other hand the newspaper had to word it like this, as they wanted to provoke a reaction (a task in which they obviously succeeded 😉 ).
I don’t think people will ever reach a conclusion or at least agreement in this matter, because even the definitions of “healthy” are very different depending on area and historical era…

By the way, I’m sorry for Christina Hendricks. I don’t think is was in her intentions to be drawn into this discussion in this way.

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I agree, a whole truckload of holey crap!

Oh, boy, this is SOOO new and innovative. Nobody in the last 35 years could ever have imagined wearing an outfit like this – not. 😛 Wait a second! Is that model a MAN??!

I actually own a shirt like this one. As a Halloween costume!

I just LOVE the look on this model’s face! No more words required… 😀

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The dress is unflattering, it makes her look older and broader than she is, and makes her shoulders look like a bodybuilder’s.

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