Every woman should aspire to be fit and healthy. …

Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by Claire.

Every woman should aspire to be fit and healthy. Whatever her size, whatever her shape.

Size doesn’t make anyone more or less ‘real’.

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Crimes of Fashion | Sack dress, flatforms & other style suspects
I love the coke bottle shoes, but I’d pay ‘joke’ price for them, not that price.

Flatforms are the most unflattering shoe….

Spaghetti straps over t-shirts: the 90s revived
I saw this in the shops the other day and thought omg the 90s are back! And then felt very, very old.

Wanted Wednesday | H&M Trenchcoat
Do not like! It looks like a small jacket worn over a coat, or over a dress to me. It’s as baffling as a jumper with a shirt collar sewn into it.

Dress of the Day: Moschino Cheap & Chic bow-embellished stretch-crepe dress
For some reason, that bow looks like a moustache to me

Crime of Fashion? Brose ‘Jill’ chiffon maxi skirt
I regret my life does not present me with opportunities to wear stuff like this. It’s great! I would need massive diamonds to go with it and a gent in a tux.

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