Agree completely. I’m 5’9 and a size 12-14 depending on …

Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by Steph.

Agree completely. I’m 5’9 and a size 12-14 depending on the shop, due to bum and boobs. My best friend is the same height and is a size 6-8 because she has a very slender and athletic frame. She’s not going to turn into Christina Hendricks if she eats more, any more than I’m going to turn into Keira Knightley if I slim down! You’re pretty much stuck with the shape you’re got.
Telling people they ought to be size 14 is no more helpful than telling them they ought to be size 0. Either option ignores the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. Health and happiness trump label sizes any day.

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