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Comment on “All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what? by Terry.

Well said!

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Ashish get straight to the point
Nope, the buttons will be back shortly, just working on other elements of the new design at the moment.

Is this one of the worst wedding dresses ever?
Sounds Awesome 😉

The Fashion Police’s Ultimate List of Fashion Crimes
You can’t get worse than Harem pants on men!

Ground Zero Bruce Short Sleeves Jacket Dress
A few weeks ago you spammed our facebook page and website telling our readers that your site was “better” than ours and that they should visit yours instead. At that point we became aware of your site and took a look at it. We noticed many posts that contained items we had written about just a few days before your posts went live. Instead of accusing you of using us as a source and not crediting us straight away, we monitored your IP on our site over a period of weeks and eventually came to the conclusion that the specific products you looked at on our site were regularly appearing on yours just a few hours afterwards, and that this was happening too often for it to be a coincidence.

All we are asking is that you credit us as a source if you find content on our site and then write about it on your own,

Chloe Sevigny’s fourth collection for Opening Ceremony is just as bad as the rest of them
Some amazing Christmas presents in there! (for someone you don’t like)

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