All eyes on… your boobs

Tshirt_eyes There seems to be a new trend in t-shirts. It’s boobs. Yes, boobs. Sp far we’ve had bras on t-shirts and we’ve had, um, hands on t-shirts. Now Topshop give us eyes on t-shirts – and winking eyes at that – meaning that if you’ve secretly always wanted to have all eyes on your boobs, you can have them. Literally. (Well, maybe not all eyes, obviously…)

What does everyone think of this? We have to say that, as with the bra-shirt and hand-shirt before it, we’re not keen: breasts are all well and good, of course, and we’re not saying they should be kept strapped down like some shameful secret – it’s just that we’d prefer it if our entire outfit didn’t revolve around them, and we think that’s probably what would happen were we to wear something like this.

If you disagree, and just can’t wait to make your boobs look like they’re winking at someone, the shirt is £18 from Topshop.

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