Dress of the Day: Alice McCall Eternal Blossom Black Linen Shift Dress

Dress We were with Alice McCall here right up to the word "linen". Because the fact is that linen… well, it’s just not our favourite fabric. Oh, we’ve tried to love it. Every summer we’ll think that this year will be the year that we’ll magically be able to slip into a cool pair of linen trousers, or a lovely linen dress, and not instantly look like we slept in it, but you know what? It’s never happened. Well, not yet, anyway.

Maybe this time it’ll be different. Maybe this Alice McCall dress will be the one that won’t crush into a thousands pieces as soon as we slip it on. Because we love this dress. Seriously, isn’t it cute? The military detailing on a feminine shape is right up the Fashion Police alley right now, and we’re really hoping that this is a foretaste of the kind of thing we can expect from the Alice McCall for Topshop collection. We’d just love it that bit more if it wasn’t linen…

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