Daylight Robbery: Alexander McQueen’s tailored all-in-one

Alexander_mcqueen £1,045. One. Thousand. And. Forty. Five. British. Pounds. Or, to put it another way, $2984 US.

That’s how much it’ll cost you to buy Alexander McQueen’s tailored all-in-one, and even assuming that the tailoring is second-to-none (which it probably is) and the fabric (50% acetate, 50% viscose, in case you were wondering) the last word in luxury, we’re still looking at a plain black jumpsuit here. One which has the faintest suspicion of the "dropped crotch" about it, too.

Is it worth £1045? We’re going to go with "no", here. Even putting our inbuilt dislike of jumpsuits aside for the moment, and acknowledging that this piece is simple enough to be made to work, it’s still just a rather ordinary black jumpsuit, the likes of which we’re pretty sure we could pick up for less than $2000, if we really wanted to.

Is it worth it to you, though? You tell us…

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