I think they’re adorable. If I could afford them and …

Comment on Do you *heart* Alexander McQueen’s heart peep toes? by Anna.

I think they’re adorable. If I could afford them and didn’t have a foot condition preventing me from wearing most heels (GRR!), I’d so buy them.

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In Praise of Jeggings. No, really.
I actually used to have a pair like that about five years ago. I loved them, but I can’t find any like that now.

Acne make armoured jeans, world wonders why
To bad Ned Kelly didn’t have a pair of these…

Yves Saint Laurent’s Spiral Clutch: for those who love notebooks
Yeah, I kind of agree with you on this, I don’t like it. Maybe that’s cause I also have a problem with items pretending to be other items.
At any rate, I’m not loving the price.

Shoe Porn: Christian Louboutin’s red Feticha pumps
LOVE them. The shape is amazing and red is my favourite colour. I totally want some!

Dress of the Day: Tweed body con dress from River Island
I’m not sure what I think of it. I kind of like it, but I wouldn’t wear it. I like the shape and the neckline, but not the face that it’s two-tone.

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