I love them. They are so cute. I would totally …

Comment on Do you *heart* Alexander McQueen’s heart peep toes? by Jenny.

I love them. They are so cute. I would totally buy them. I’m still drooling.

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Style on Trial: Ruffled bloomer shorts by Marc Jacobs
Oh, the first pair is really really cute! I’d wear them out if they weren’t so translucent. Wouldn’t buy the black pair, but if I somehow owned them I’d still wear them out. Might be the folly of youth.

Mark Fast uses “plus sized” models in London Fashion Week Show
Fat models on a runway = no, please never.

I have no problem with this though, because the girls are clearly not fat. There’s “fat”, and there’s fat with lots of unsightly bits hanging out. Am not interested in seeing fat rolls globbing down a runway.

Would you wear… Topshop’s tribal feathered headband?
I’d wear this naked. Clearly there’d already be too much going on atop my head to warrant actual clothes.
No but seriously, I can’t imagine ever wearing this ._.

Puffball shorts. Puff. Ball. Shorts.
Cute. Looks like a fluffy skirt. Would wear!

Shay Todd contrast ruffle bikini: for instant wardrobe malfunction
This is horrifying. You might as well cover yourself with some stray beach leaves. Or seaweed. Or flotsam. Gosh.

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